Announcement: Crumble is available for sale ❤

Crumble, our enterprise cloud file storage system, is now available for sale on CodeCanyon!

Have you ever been worried about the big companies holding your application-critical data? All of those files that you are storing on S3 or similar services?

Crumble is our way to take the matter into your own hands. You will run your own file storage system in your own server. You will have your own API for both public and private file storage. On top of all that, a loving responsive admin panel to manage and search through your files and apps!

Crumble stores all files in your MongoDB GridFS cluster. It will run on your server by default (with a very simple installation, just like Clover), but you can switch to using Atlas, or your own MongoDB replica set. It can scale indefinitely across multiple servers, thanks to MongoDB native sharding functionality.

Crumble’s system provides enterprise-grade security. Public files can be accessed through a public shielded (very long) id. Private files require a signature on top of such shield, which expires in x hours from being signed.

Stay tuned and have a sweet day!