Blockchain Websites

Hi Quick questions, Can I use this code to deploy on one of our Ethereum Blockchain sites via the IPFS? The site I want to build this one is Messaging.Crypto which can be searched on the Opera browser app and Brave browser as of right now.



Hello uplymedia12 and welcome to Honeyside!

I have no idea what you are talking about :grinning:

First: is your inquiry about Clover or Acacia? Can you elaborate on what you are trying to build?

Hi I want to implement your messaging code (code) on to an Ehtereum Blockchain website Messaging.Crypto Can I add this code to my website and upload the the IPFS to operate on the blockchain.

Hello uplymedia12,

I looked into this and I noticed that IPFS and WebRTC are currently not compatible with each other. There are some experimental implementations being evaluated, but nothing that would allow me to release a Clover update.

The current Clover source code is in no way compatible with IPFS, on the contrary it requires a standard HTTPS server with IPv4.

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Hello thanks for getting back to me on this.
Would you be interested in developing Messaging.Crypto for us?

Hello uplymedia12,

I don’t have any knowledge about how blockchain works. It is certainly something that I will explore in the mid-term future, but I would not expect an end product to be ready in less than a year.

Have a sweet day!