Bug problem on Delete and Update users

I purchased Clover last week, I managed to install it and I like it well but except that it doesn’t delete and update users in admin log in (of course).
All the rest is OK …I can Create User, Manage message and call are ok /every other thing are ok…no problem.
When I want to Delete or Update existing users I can’t …I push the Delete User button (as you can see in the image below) but nothing happens and the same for update button:
bandicam 2020-03-26 15-55-59-651

II installed mongodb 4.2 as instructions with success and I repeat everything else works great.
Any suggestions?

Thank You

Hello Mark and welcome to Honeyside!

Do you see any error code or response from the server in the Network tab of your browser inspector?

If you want, we can take a look directly at your server. You will need to email us your credentials at support@honeyside.it, however.

Have a sweet day!

Problem solved quickly with availability and competence! Great support service!
Now the software works perfectly and I’m happy of my purchase.

Thank you…Good Job!!