Can't share file

We purchased the Crumble but I saw in the demo share link that isn’t working. Can you solve the issue, please?

Hi! There seems to be some other issue with the signature API for private files. It’s too late right now (1AM) but we’ll check it tomorrow, as soon as possible.

Hi! There was actually an extra issue with Safari (which doesn’t support the clipboard API) and has now been solved with a Safari-specific workaround in version 1.1.2.

Now, when clicking on the “Copy to Clipboard” button, it will try to automatically copy to clipboard. If it fails, it will show a prompt with the URL and ask you to manually copy the URL with cmd + C. As far as we can tell, it happens only in Safari and only when the file is private.

Can you confirm that you were using Safari?

I check it now in google chrome and it worked… Thanks!

thanks for the awesome information.