Clover on virtual private servers

I have PHP based virtual private servers on - please let me know if you support Clover - Real-Time Messaging, Audio & Video Conferencing Web App on these vps?

Thank you very much

Hello siva and welcome to Honeyside!

As long as you have root access and no cPanel (as Clover is not compatible with cPanel) it should be ok. Clover will work well with Plesk, VestaCP, Hestia Control Panel instead.

We support the latest LTS versions of all mainstream Linux distros, plus macOS and Windows. However, automated installation is only available for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

If you send us the server credentials at, we will be able to assess it directly.

Have a sweet day!

Thank you so much for setting up Clover on my VPS on Linode. It works amazingly well. I expect more new features to come. Thanks for the support and fast response.

Thank you, siva! :honeybee: