Facing Project Run Issue

I have purchased your product Clover an instant messaging & conferencing web app. When I try running it in the local environment . The error is
Error: Cannot find module \codecanyon\clover-2.8.0-with-meetings\frontend
however, I have installed craco but an error couldn’t resolved and the app is not running.

Hi! What environment are you currently running on?


  • What OS are you on?
  • Which Node.js version are you using?
  • Do you have Python installed?
  • Do you have a build essentials or a C++ compiler installed?

I just tested the local environment with Node.js 18 on macOS Sonoma and everything seems ok.


All Points Answer

windows 10
node version 21.4.0
Python 3.12.1

Is it possible can we connect via any desk and resolve this issue



Clover is currently only compatible with Node.js 18. We will support Node.js 20 with the next update, before the end of the year.

We will never support Node.js 21.

This is because we only support LTS Node.js version (even numbers). Odd numbers in Node.js versioning are experimental versions, the developers of Node.js themselves advise against using odd numbers in production systems.

  1. Switch to Node.js 18 and check that you are in a terminal running version 18 with node --version
  2. Delete the node_modules folder
  3. Run yarn or yarn install to install dependencies again.

For future reference, please have a look at the engines property inside package.json (if present):

"engines": {
  "node": "18.x.x"

In general, our plan for future releases is to only support the ACTIVE version in the Node.js release schedule: