File can't share

Please Tell me why i can note share file??
and tell how to resolved issue.


Please provide more info, such as:

  • The version of Clover that you are using
  • How you installed Clover
  • The output of pm2 status
  • The output of pm2 logs
  • The output of service nginx status
  • The path where you installed the script

Clover Version is v2.7.0.
I have installed using ./launcher setup.
pm2 status.
pm2 logs.

service nginx status.

The Path of installed Script is

Please provide me solution how i can solve this error…
Thank you!!

Hi! The path doesn’t look right, it should not be installed in a public folder. /root/clover would be a more reasonable choice.

I need more error logs (the ones in red) to be able to debug. Please run pm2 logs --lines 200, then scroll up until you see the error logs.

I have to change the server and now installed it in root/clover directory but the same error

Please tell me how I can resolve this error

pm2 logs --lines 200

Looks like your server has been under DDoS, receiving unrecognized requests from external attackers.

See the lines with XML payload? That’s not coming from Clover, that’s external.

The external attacker managed to get Clover offline. To restore it:

can I share an image from the clipboard on chat. ??
if yes then tell me how?
i have copied the image and pasted into the chat input but nothing happened any thing.

Hi! Pasting images from clipboard is not supported yet. It’s a feature we plan on looking into, but on a low priority.

can I modify it according to my need?

the call is not working when I will activate the firewall why?

Yes, within both the standard and extended licenses, you are allowed to edit the whole source code according to your needs.

You’ll need to check the defaults.js file, maybe the firewall ports do not match the configured ports.

defaults.js is checked in the clover folder ??