Git access for merging

Would you allow git access to the code as you develop, so that we can merge the updates with our own changes to the code?

Hello gtknarf,

I’ll have to think about this and look into it from a security point of view.

For now, if you have relevant updates and you want to share them with the whole community of buyers, we can handle the merge for you (after reviewing the change and only if it gets accepted).

Have a sweet day!

Hello gtknarf,

I looked into it and this is totally doable!

The Github repo is not currently in an acceptable state, so I’ll allow access starting from the next release.

Have a sweet day!

We would really only need a read (as a deploy key). We are still looking into purchasing your code only if we are able to modify your code (to fit our need, and not for public), but still be able to update any fixes/enhancements you are adding. This may also encourage us to purchase the extended support.

Great! I am actually waiting for your version 2 before the purchase…

Yes, I was afraid of the possibility of code going public by mistake, but now I know that forks of private repos can’t be made public, not even on purpose.

I’ll have to:

  • Create a new repo on the Honeyside Github account (now it’s on another private account)
  • Clean the existing repo from things that are more like development scrap
  • Write a README
  • Provide a branch for v1

That’s why I say by next release, which should be this Sunday. When I say this Sunday, expect something to be online by Monday 1:00AM CEST.

No problem. Let me know when you are ready and I’ll purchase the license. Thanks!

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Github read-only access is now available upon request.

Future readers: contact us at to request access!