How to change background image

Hi where do I go to change the background image of the river and mountain?

haven’t heard any responses so far?

Hello jayne and welcome to Honeyside!

Sorry, for some reason I did not receive an email notification for this topic, will look into the forum mail system.

The following answers are valid for Clover v1 (current version).

The current way to change the background image is to edit the SASS file in /react/src/features/Login. You can put the new background in the public folder and it will be deployed at the root of the domain. Yes, it’s not wonderful but we are changing it with the next release. Contact us at if you want us to change it for you or to show you how to change it via screen share.

The public folder is at /react/public.

React must be compiled to JS. After changing anything in the React folder, remember to run the following command (while inside the react folder): “yarn build”.

If you have many changes to do, you can run a live reload development server on port 3000 with “yarn start”. Remember to open port 3000 in your firewall if you do.

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