How to run a Clover v3 local development enviroment?

I configured local environment I am facing two issues
1- node-sass stuck on fetching fresh packages. I changed the version
2- yarn start give so many errors / warning and execution stoped

Its for information I am using docker for local development of application

Hello and welcome to Honeyside!

The recommended way to setup a local development environment is not to use docker. I am assuming that you are tinkering with v3-beta. If so, please do as follows:

  • Install Node.js latest LTS (14.16.1 at the time of writing). We recommend using nvm (on Mac / Linux) or nvm-windows (on Windows). nvm is the Node.js Version Manager and allows a quick and painless installation of different versions of Node.js.
  • We recommend installing yarn and nodemon:
npm i -g yarn
yarn global add nodemon
  • Assuming that your current folder is the Clover folder, you should copy the .env file inside backend and frontend:
cp .env backend/.env
cp .env frontend/.env
  • You can now run a backend development environment by using the following command (it will listen for changes and restart):
cd backend
nodemon index
  • You can now run a frontend development environment by using the following command (it will listen for changes and restart):
cd frontend
yarn start

Feel free to ask us if you still have questions :blush:

Have a sweet day!

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I was able to run V3 but I am having issue in V2.0

With v2, you should create two different config.js files.

Frontend - /react/src/config.js:

export default {
    demo: false,
    brand: 'Honeyside', // Footer brand
    appName: 'Clover', // App Name
    showCredits: true, // Show credits in login page

Backend - /node/config.js:

module.exports = {
    port: 4000,
    secret: 'jwt-default-secret',
    db: 'mongodb://localhost:27017', // your mongodb uri
    dataFolder: './data',
    admin: {
        username: 'admin',
        email: '',
        password: 'admin',
        firstName: 'Admin',
        lastName: 'User',

Then, edit the /react/package.json “proxy” property to http://localhost:4000 (or your chosen backend port).

We know this is not ideal, this is why we replaced it with .env files in v3.

Have a sweet day!

Thanks got it working on local with connected to love server

I appreciate your support

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