How to run Clover in local environment


how to run this application in local environment for testing purpose.



Hello Naveen,

If your local OS is a MacOS or Windows, you will not be able to use the automated installer, but you can still install the app manually.

You will need to install the following:

  • Node.js 14
  • MongoDB Community
  • yarn
  • Relevant build tools (either Visual Studio on Windows or XCode on Mac) and Python

Then, install dependencies in both the “node” and “react” folder using the “yarn” command.

Fill in the config.js in the node folder in a similar way to the following:

module.exports = {
    port: 4000,
    secret: 'jwt-default-secret',
    db: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/clover',
    dataFolder: './data',
    admin: {
        username: 'admin',
        email: '',
        password: 'admin',
        firstName: 'Admin',
        lastName: 'User',
    ip: 'YOUR_IP' // if you specify a public facing ip with port forwarding, meetings will work, otherwise you can specify, meetings will not work but everything else will

“yarn build” in the react folder.
“node index” in the node folder.

Have a sweet day!