Installation ok but Clover not showing up

So, I ran the automatic installation as indicated in the docs, all seems to went ok, I restarted the server but my domain still shows a dummy page I have there to check DNS worked.

Then, I know domain is correctly pointed to my server but I does not show Clover.

What should I check for errors?


Hello Edgar,

If your server is running a control panel, such as Plesk or VestaCP, the installation script will not work.

Since you mentioned a “dummy page”, I don’t think your server was a “clean server”. You almost certainly have an admin panel running.

Contact us at providing your server credentials, we’ll check it for you.

Have a sweet day!

Correct, it is not totally clean… I have php + ngnix installed on it. The dummy page is the php_info().

I’ll emal support see they can help me, thanks!