Installation Successful but receiving 502 gateway error

I have installed clover on a clean ubuntu 20.04 server, the installation finished well but received a 502 bad gateway error, when browsing the installation URL -

Hello and welcome to Honeyside!

The automated installation script installs a reverse proxy server called Acacia, which you will find under the acacia folder inside your installation folder.

Acacia seems to be properly running on your installation. However, it is configured so that there is a reverse proxy to port 4000 (Clover), which appears not to be online.

Can you attach the output of the “pm2 logs” command?

Looks like that there is an error in the Clover process configuration that makes it run on port 80 instead of port 4000. Please edit backend/.env PORT to 4000, then run pm2 restart Clover. Does this fix the issue?

It works, but login and signup is not working

Please check that MongoDB is running properly with service mongod status.

If not, please try service mongod restart.

Does it work?

MongoDB is active, have tried restarting it but doesn’t solves the issue.

Are you willing to share your SSH credentials with us? If so, please send us an email at

If not, please attach the output of pm2 logs while trying to log in or sign up.

Server details mailed.

Thanks! Rebuilding the frontend solved your issue. For some reason, requests were being sent over HTTP, while the .env file specified HTTPS.

Here is what I did:

  • cd frontend
  • yarn build