Invalid ip xxxapp


I just installed this package and when in a meeting i have this issue in the console.log “invalid ip xxxapp”.

As a consequence my camera is not shown on the meeting page.

Hello sledge00,

The file asks for the public-facing IP address or your machine. This address is required to be public (not private-mapped-to-public, as can happen sometimes on AWS only). If you have a private-mapped-to-public ip there’s a workaround that we might suggest to have it working anyway, but in our experience is not as stable as a public ip. To verify if your ip is public or mapped:

  • ping your server, the ip you see is always the public ip
  • If the name of your machine (the one you see in the SSH command prompt) includes a different IP address, it’s probably mapped

After that, some VPS providers have extra firewalls on the provider panel. For example, DigitalOcean has a firewall section for its droplets. You’ll need to make sure that all the required ports are open via TCP and UDP on the provider’s panel too.