Is possible to run clover using Docker?

i have install docker and docker compose in my ubuntu server is it possible to install this using docker?


I am assuming that this request is about Crumble, since it is the only product currently shipped with a Dockerfile.

Yes, you can run crumble using Docker. The project already includes a Dockerfile for the backend, a Dockerfile for the frontend, a Dockerfile for the nginx proxy (if you need it) and a compose.yml file.

You will need to manually type the .env configuration for both the frontend and the backend. Remember to specify your own MongoDB URL (if you are using Docker, it’s recommended to use an external MongoDB, not running in Docker).

Then, you can start services using docker compose up.

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no this request about the clover web app

Clover is not currently shipped with a Dockerfile, but it can run within Docker, provided that:

  1. You expose the whole RTC port range (from RTC_MIN_PORT to RTC_MAX_PORT), which defaults to 10000-12000.
  2. You run the backend on any other port (example: 4000)
  3. You reverse proxy port 443 to the backend port (example: 4000) and force redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.
  4. You provide SSL on port 443.

You might want to setup a docker compose with nginx and certbot, or you can run nginx outside of docker.

Example setup: docker image with Clover and ports 4000, 10000-12000 exposed, nginx installed outside docker with a reverse proxy to port 4000 and with SSL on 443.

Some useful links: