Share Screen in a meeting or group

Is there anyway I can share my screen with the group. I’ve installed it and it’s great, but I’m using it for classrooms and share screen option is important

Hello Nelshukri and welcome to Honeyside!

There is currently no way to share your screen. However, we will be adding this feature in Clover v2, ETA by end of April.

To be completely honest with you, I am starting to doubt that we will make it within the end of April deadline (which we set ourselves), but we are truly doing our best to get it done as soon as possible!

Until then, as a workaround, you could use some third-party software to stream desktop as webcam video. Clover v1 will handle the webcam stream regardless of its content.

Have a sweet day!

No problem, I have another question. I’ve been testing it out and it seems that I’m only able to use it in full screen on my phone. It pauses everytime I’m trying to do pip. I’m not sure why

This is a known issue with standard WebRTC on some phones. We are rolling out a different core architecture with v2, trying to solve this issue.

Problems that should be addressed within the v2 update:

  • Screen share
  • Better graphics
  • Architectural change from p2p to SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit)
  • Better mobile UI
  • Admin panel
  • Mobile React Native app (may come in 2.1)

Clover is a rather new product, please bear with us, we’ll try to make it the best product out there, over time! (also, lifetime updates are free for previous buyers)