Unable to browse url after automatic install script

installed two instances via automatic install.sh both install successfully but unable to browse.

all ports open on both of them

https://meet2.maulaji.com this is on digital ocean droplet

and https://meet.maulaji.com this is on private onsite server behind nginx proxy

email the issue with droplet username and password and screen shot of successful install.

Hello Imran,

You have issues in your mail server configuration. Due to such issues:

  1. We are not able to contact you directly via email.
  2. Clover installer fails to generate a valid SSL certificate. This happens because it requires a valid and working email address.

We have been trying to reach out to you in several other ways (CodeCanyon comments, item descriptions, private messages on the forum), but of course you are not receiving email notifications about anything.

Please try to reach out to us by either:

  • Using a Gmail address to contact us at support@honeyside.it
  • Contacting us via Telegram at @HoneysideIT

Then we can schedule a meeting and help you with your whole setup, mail server included.