Version 3 Stable Release

when we can expect for v3 stable with all functionality?

Hi! Main developer here. I could not work at all on Clover this week, during weekdays. I will be working on it during the whole weekend, though.

We have a bug in the meetings UI and I have to understand why. I will be able to either publish Clover v3, either come up with an accurate release date by the weekend, after debugging such issue.

Nonetheless, I will update you here as soon as I have news.

Have a sweet day!

thank you for your reply, must be a complex issue because the meetings UI bugs been two weeks :grimacing:

Saying meetings UI is to simplify the explanation. This is more of a kind of a codec issue between the UI and the server. We are getting video data from the server but the UI refuses to display it. :sweat_smile:

It could very well be just some typo somewhere, though finding it is complicated.

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:grinning: make sense simple word.

All right, so this is a DevOps issue regarding Docker configuration. I was able to partially solve it by binding the container network to the host machine (we are now seeing the video, though it’s fully blank). I think there’s still a routing problem with nginx left, but at least we now know that this is a Docker-related issue (hadn’t we introduced Docker, v3 would be working now).

I suppose it will be fixed in 2-3 days maximum (we will work on this during weekdays), but will give you a daily update on it.

thank you for keeping me in the loop

any good news about this? :slight_smile:

Hello jfoc,

Not yet, sorry! I am being too busy with my day job to close Clover. Weekend is almost here, though.

Hi! After a long weekend, we managed to find and fix the issue!

We had to go through all the WebRTC + mediasoup documentation again, then through our whole source code multiple times.

Turns out, the latest mediasoup version requires video producers to call “resume” on the server side after “consume” has been called on both sides. I can’t really understand why, but so be it.

Video now works in 3.0.0-rc5 (23) - you can test it out at

There are just a couple of UI (true UI) things to polish, then we’ll release.

Have a sweet day!

Will test it out. Hopefully things goes well and ready for use on production server

when it will be ready?

Hi! The Clover v3 official release will be out over the weekend, on July 4th.

The (American) Independence Day seems just about the right day for it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Its released already?

Hi! I’ve had some trouble with the UI deployment. I now deployed a reduced update with producer / consumer bug fixing and user details being shared properly during the meeting.

I will deploy the UI tomorrow and ping you when done!

If you’d like to drop us an email at, we can start to schedule your installation or upgrade to v3 this week.

Side note: we will switch from SemVer to CalVer, once done with the release. Clover v3 will become Clover 2021.

Have a great day!

Since its change to CalVer, what will happen in 2022 and so on? will it deprecated or get updated?

We will try to keep the UI and inner workings of our products stable for at least a year before even considering major changes.

Major changes and new huge functionalities will happen at year switch.

Hi @jfoc

Status update: Clover v3.0.0-rc7 is now live.

I was able to finally deploy the latest version with a lot of bug fixing and I ran a full testing round, then some more bug fixing. Here is a full list of done and pending tasks:

  • Server media producers cleanup on startup
  • Meeting join gather producers properly
  • Properly close both produders and consumers (server-side and client side)
  • Gather user and session details during meetings (in redux)
  • Proper meeting grid
  • Auto remove producers and consumers from db on page close
  • Switch video button
  • Switch audio button
  • Close meeting button
  • Remove streams when meeting closed (POST to server)
  • Remove streams when producer closed (POST to server)
  • Meeting participant interface
  • Screen share
  • Right panel with meeting users list
  • Title required on meetings
  • Modal delete meeting
  • Modal add people to meeting
  • Provide non-docker installer with color prompts (as in v2)
  • Add multi-tenant capability (Patreon VIP request)
  • Desktop notifications

I will provide a daily update on the tasks, by deleting the newly done ones. At any moment you can request an installation of the current release. Once the above points are all done, I will discountinue and remove v2 from CodeCanyon.

Feel free to test and add new items to the list if you find any more bugs! Thank you!

I am not sure to use v3 since it is not fit for production, and some UI parts are not working.

Ongoing call still not working