Version 3 Stable Release

Hello jfoc!

We have a new release candidate 3.0.0-rc11 with the following:

  • Multi-tenant capability has been added. Users by default join the “default” tenant. Admin user can specify a different tenant for each user. Non-admin users can only see users in the same tenant as they are.
  • Desktop notifications are now working.
  • Minor bug fixing (such as modal title changes, performance improvements etc).

Screen sharing is still a work in progress and it’s the last feature on our development list. Hopefully we’ll make it by the end of August.

Specifically, next release will feature:

  • Screen sharing button.
  • Meeting view to focus on a specific video / screen stream.

Have a sweet day!

Update on Clover v3: screen sharing functionality has been delayed until after Crumble’s release, which will happen on Sempteber 13, 2021.

Official announcement: Announcement: "Crumble" will be released on September 13

We will then resume the development of Clover v3.

Stay tuned and have a sweet day!

Congratulations for the Crumble release.

Waiting for the stable Clover v3 with all the features

Hi! Clover development has resumed and we are looking at an October release with enhancements from Crumble being embedded into Clover. We also took a step back and are rewiring the v3 meetings system in order to properly support screen sharing. There will be another update this weekend.

Hi! This is to inform you that our main developer and owner is not being well and has been prescribed some days of rest from his doctor. All work has been delayed until he is readily available again on Monday.

This weekend’s update is canceled, but we are keeping the underlying development timeline for the full October release as it is.

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cant wait for the October :grinning:

hi, any update on this ?

Hello jfoc,

Second in command writing here. I am a developer but not quite experienced as our main developer. I am working on this issue but I am a lot slower than the main developer. I apologise for the inconvenience.

My friend (main partner of the company and developer) is currently very ill. He is a huge optimist about everything and he pushed a lot during recovery, which might have triggered a relapse.

There will be a 2.5.0 release with password reset (via email) by October 10. Then, there should be a full release by the end of the month.

Have a sweet day!

Latest update:

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