White label the product. Add my logo

Is there a way I can brand the product with my logo?


Hello Nelshukri,

Instructions for rebranding are as follows:

  1. Edit ./react/src/config.js by adding a brand property and maybe an appName property, depending on your needs. Default is:

    export default {
    // …,
    brand: ‘Honeyside’, // Footer brand
    appName: ‘Clover’, // App Name
    showCredits: true, // Show credits in login page

  2. Replace ./react/src/assets/logo.png

  3. cd ./react” and run “yarn build

We can also help you with rebranding, as part of our installation service. Plese contact us at support@honeyside.it if you are interested.

Have a sweet day!

How come I do the command:
sudo yarn run build and I got message return: Yarn requires Node.js 4.0 or higher to be installed.
and nothing happen …

Hello QLe,

Try running the following command before yarn build: source ~/.profile

If you still have issues, please contact us at support@honeyside.it and we will check your environment for you.

Have a sweet day!