Announcement: Clover v3 shut down, planned v4

Hello everyone, this is a long awaited update about Clover v3! Sadly, it’s not good news.

We must cheer when we succeed, but we must also be able to acknowledge when we fail.

The new v3 core messaging and core meeting system does not work properly. It is unsalvageable and it must be rewritten from scratch. We did not want to throw away our work, therefore we kept working on it for months, to no end.

We learnt a lot during v3 development. Meanwhile, we released Crumble, which has a stunningly better project structure than Clover v3.

We are now shutting down the Clover v3 project (without replacing v2 - which will remain the stable branch for now) and we are initiating the Clover v4 project.

Clover v4 will feature the same graphics and same backend as Crumble, while keeping the same meeting system of Clover v2.

We set up a deadline for ourselves to be January 9, 2022 - but we are hoping to release the new version before New Year’s Eve.

We sincerely apologise for the long wait.

A sweeter prize takes longer time, though.

With love,
Delta :heart:

not sure about this announcement and confusing. do you mean v4 would be the better version of clover? how is the backend will be the same as Crumble ? both product have different functions and purpose :upside_down_face:

Hi! It means we will take the current Crumble source and build Clover v4 literally on top of it.

The file storage system and admin panel will be literally the same as Crumble, the meeting system will be the same as Clover v2 (with Crumble’s UI) and the underlying messaging / presence system will be built on top of Crumble’s session token system.

since the V4 meeting system will be the same as v2, meaning only the storage system and admin panel are the new features on v4?
no new meeting system, no new group system, no new notification system and not faster than v2?

Hi! No, Clover v3 introduced Material UI v4, while Clover v4 is moving to MUI (Material UI) v5. We are working on the new group system also.