Version 3 Stable Release

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any luck with the update?

Since getting a major update deployed is being an issue due to August being a common vacation period, we resorted to “aborting the major deployment”.

All changes have now been deployed as v3.0.0-rc9 (it’s just a naming change, plus we kept v2 banners in CodeCanyon). v2 is still available and displayed as main version, but v3.0.0-rc9 is de facto v3.0.0 and it is production-ready.

Please note that there is one functionality still missing in v3: screen sharing.

We are closing up for one week of full vacation until August 15 (included), then we will resume by publishing v3 “officially”.

Notice: item support timing can slow down during vacation. We are formally on vacation until August 15. We should still respond within 48-72 hours.

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I am sorry but a bit confused here about the release date for v3 stable. It’s been delayed for 2 months already, and rc9 is production-ready, why is the demo still not working, and is the info panel also not working in the demo?

Can you describe what is not working in the demo? Please provide steps to reproduce, OS and browser in use. We are able to message, send files and sustain meetings with both audio and video from our end.

We understand there have been several delays in the release of the Clover update but this is a very complex piece of software (it took nearly one year and a half to release v2). We are also deeply sorry for it and always trying to do better.

One of the efforts to ensure better deliverability is moving from a waterfall model to an agile model (or from agile to even more agile): releasing less, more frequently.

With the effort of releasing a production-ready v3:

  • The info panel has been temporarily replaced by a popover with a list of the participants to the meeting.
  • The notifications icon has been hidden. Notifications will be introduced later.
  • Screen sharing has been temporarily removed.
  • People can be invited to join an existing meeting via meeting link.
  • Meetings can be scheduled or removed, but not edited.

Now, why did we release “v3.0.0-rc9” instead of “v3”? Because moving “officially” to v3 and deprecating v2 triggers Envato’s manual review, which has been really slow in the last few days, probably due to vacation on Envato’s side. A new release candidate instead is just a “minor” update and it never triggers manual review.

On top of that, we are now on vacation ourselves for one week, therefore it would be difficult to provide support to nearly all previous buyers to update right now. We will be back and fully operative on the project on August 16 to 20.

Again, let us know what issues you are facing with the demo, because as far as we can see, it’s working and it is production ready. You can also attach videos or screenshots here.

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when click i icon on the user message, pop me ‘room info panel is under development’

when sending a message to someone, the destination does not get any notification.

and screen sharing is important when coming to meet

Ah! Thank you for noticing the info panel issue. We focused on the meetings info panel and totally forgot about the conversation info panel.

I just pushed v3.0.0-rc10: this version shows a popover with a list of the members of the current conversation by name (very similar to the in-meeting one). It’s not a full info panel but it does show some info. We will expand its functionality at a later time.

Notifications will be added in the next few updates.

Screen sharing is the current top priority under-development feature.

Have a sweet day!

Notification is also important for notifies a message and meeting schedule if we want to use it in the production area

We are going to add it just after screen sharing, don’t worry!

Have a sweet day!

no more updates for now?

Hi, we are easing back to work! Next update will happen this weekend.

Hello jfoc!

We have a new release candidate 3.0.0-rc11 with the following:

  • Multi-tenant capability has been added. Users by default join the “default” tenant. Admin user can specify a different tenant for each user. Non-admin users can only see users in the same tenant as they are.
  • Desktop notifications are now working.
  • Minor bug fixing (such as modal title changes, performance improvements etc).

Screen sharing is still a work in progress and it’s the last feature on our development list. Hopefully we’ll make it by the end of August.

Specifically, next release will feature:

  • Screen sharing button.
  • Meeting view to focus on a specific video / screen stream.

Have a sweet day!

Update on Clover v3: screen sharing functionality has been delayed until after Crumble’s release, which will happen on Sempteber 13, 2021.

Official announcement: Announcement: "Crumble" will be released on September 13

We will then resume the development of Clover v3.

Stay tuned and have a sweet day!

Congratulations for the Crumble release.

Waiting for the stable Clover v3 with all the features

Hi! Clover development has resumed and we are looking at an October release with enhancements from Crumble being embedded into Clover. We also took a step back and are rewiring the v3 meetings system in order to properly support screen sharing. There will be another update this weekend.

Hi! This is to inform you that our main developer and owner is not being well and has been prescribed some days of rest from his doctor. All work has been delayed until he is readily available again on Monday.

This weekend’s update is canceled, but we are keeping the underlying development timeline for the full October release as it is.

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cant wait for the October :grinning:

hi, any update on this ?

Hello jfoc,

Second in command writing here. I am a developer but not quite experienced as our main developer. I am working on this issue but I am a lot slower than the main developer. I apologise for the inconvenience.

My friend (main partner of the company and developer) is currently very ill. He is a huge optimist about everything and he pushed a lot during recovery, which might have triggered a relapse.

There will be a 2.5.0 release with password reset (via email) by October 10. Then, there should be a full release by the end of the month.

Have a sweet day!

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